Haga Castle 波賀城
2 level yagura
Picture Donated by Frank T.
Founder Haga Shichiro
Year 1261-1263
Type Mountaintop
Condition Other Buildings
Reconstructed 1995?
Structure Reconstructed turret
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Location Shiso, Hyogo Pref.
Map Google Map
Access Ikuno Sta. (Bantan Line); or bus from Himeji Sta.
Website Go West Harima Sightseeing
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Notes Best reached by private transportation. Nice little park, beautiful view of the valley below. Ongoing work. The yagura you see in the pictures is a mock yagura.

photos by FrankT

History Haga Shichiro built the original fortification on this site around 1261. It was taken over by the Nakamura clan who ruled over this area until the end of the Sengoku Period. In 1580 the castle fell to Hideyoshi and was abandoned.
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Shiso, Hyogo Pref.
Haga Castle views
2 level yagura Oteguchi gate
Oteguchi gate View from the castle
Path up to the yagura Another view from the yagura
View of the yagura from the Oteguchi area