Hyakusaiji Castle 百済寺城

Picture Donated by David W.
Founder Rokkaku clan
Year 1503
Type Mountaintop
Condition Ruins
Alternate Name Hyakusaiji Toride
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Historical Site National Historic Site
Location Higashi Omi, Shiga Pref.
Map Google Map
Access Yohkaichi Sta (Ohmi Railway), 15 min taxi
Website Hyakusaiji Temple
Notes Photos by David W.
History The Hyakusaiji Temple itself was established by Shotoku Taishi in 606. It was probably fortified as a castle in 1503 by the Rokkaku after being burned down in a battle between the Rokkaku and Iba clans. In 1573, Nobunaga found out that Hyakusaiji was supporting the Rokkaku who were under siege by Nobunaga so he burned the castle down. When Nobunaga built Azuchi Castle, he carted away much of the stone from here to use at Azuchi. Most of the stonework you see today was rebuilt for the temple after this time. Hyakusaji Castle is a historically important site in the history of temple fortifications. Besides stone walls it also had moats and typical castle earthworks.

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  • RaymondW on My Page    November 09, 2015 at 10:28 PM
    There is certainly plenty of ishigaki (stone walls) at this castle ruin and now temple site. The photos for this castle profile features only ishigaki rebuilt for the temple. However, there are some original ishigaki dating back to when Oda Nobunaga took and burnt down the castle. Most of the stones were carted off to build Azuchi Castle, but some of the smaller and "unworthy" stones were left in place. Also, not shown are the earthwork remnants of the castle ruin including moats and earthen ramparts that can easily be found if you stray off the main stone stairway up the mountain. There are numerous baileys on either side of the stone stairs. One sign mentions that Nobunaga got some of his design inspiration from Hyakusaji. If you visit both castle ruins, you will notice that both of them have the central stone stairs will lots of baileys on either side of the main stone stairway. There is also another way to get to Hyakusaiji by public transport. You can take a JR train up to Notogawa Station and then catch an hourly bus to Hyakusaiji Honmachi. The bus ride takes roughly 40 minutes.
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Higashi Omi, Shiga Pref.
Hyakusaiji Castle views