Ibaraki Castle 茨木城
Founder Kusunoki Masashige
Year 1334-1336
Type Flatland
Condition Other Buildings
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Location Ibaraki, Osaka
Map Google Map
Access Ibaraki Sta (JR or Hankyu), 10 min walk
Visited October 19, 2014
Visitor Info. open any time | Time Required: 40 mins
Notes There is essentially nothing left of this castle. The honmaru is now an elementary school. In front of the school is a reconstructed gate, at the nearby Ibaraki Shrine you can find the original Karametemon gate but there is nothing else nearby to remind you of a castle. Some of the other gates have also been moved to other farther locations.
History The sign at the Karamete Gate in Ibaraki Shrine says this castle was built from 1334-1336 by Kusunoki Masashige but the early history of the castle is not well known. The earliest historical record for Ibaraki Castle appears in 1467 in a mention of the Onin War. At this time the Ibaraki clan were lords of the area. When Nobunaga took control of the region, the Ibaraki joined forces with Nobunaga. In 1571 at the Battle of Shiraikawara, the Ibaraki clan was completely defeated by Araki Murashige and the castle came under his control. From 1577, Nakagawa Kiyohide became lord of the castle under Araki and renovated the castle making it larger. Kiyohide died at the Battle of Shizugatake in 1583 and his son became lord of the castle until 1586 when he became the new lord of Miki Castle. Ibaraki Castle came under direct control of Hideyoshi as a government office until after the Battle of Sekigahara when Katagiri Matsumoto became the new castle lord. The castle was dismantled under the one castle per province edict in 1616, leaving only Takatsuki Castle in the Settsu Province.
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  • Eric    November 15, 2014 at 10:03 PM
    Tomo, thanks for that. I couldn't have said it better myself ! Even though some of these sites are very minor or local I enjoy seeing how they fit in the greater landscape of history.
  • Tomo    November 15, 2014 at 07:44 PM
    Thank you for keeping this site fresh and interesting every time. It is always a great fun to learn histories by each castle’s locationally fixed point of view. At this small forgotten castle, still I see Nobunaga, Araki,and Hideyoshi's foot steps, which encouraged me to search even more the historical events.
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Ibaraki, Osaka
Ibaraki Castle views
Karamete Gate Karamete Gate
Karamete Gate Karamete Gate
Karamete Gate Yagura Gate
Yagura Gate