Sukegawakaibou Castle 助川海防城

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Founder Yamanobe Yoshimi
Year 1836
Type Mountaintop
Condition Ruins
Structure Ishigaki, dorui, honmaru, honmarukan’ato
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Historical Site Prefectural Historic Site
Location Hitachi, Ibaraki Pref.
Map Google Map
Access Hitachi Sta. (Jōban Line), 35 min walk
Visitor Info. 24/7 free | Time Required: 40 minutes
Notes Sukegawakaibōjō is now a terraced park on a hillside surrounded by a residential area. One ascends the several tiers to the Honmaru which affords a strategic view of the coast.

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History Sukegawakaibōjō was established in 1836 when the then Lord of Mito-han, Tokugawa Nariaki, tasked his chief retainer, Yamanobe Yoshimi, with protecting the northern coastal region of the domain. The castle is ideally located on a steep hill over-looking the Pacific Ocean. The “Kaibō” in the castle’s name means “coastal defence.” The castle was built with three baileys, and the honmaru was encased with stone walls. The castle was destroyed in 1864 after it capitulated during the Tengutō Rebellion wherein the Tengu Party rebelled against the Shogunate for its inability to deal with the threat of Western Powers. They were suppressed by the end of the year.
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Hitachi, Ibaraki Pref.
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