Gobara Castle 郷原城
Founder Sanada
Year 15th C. (?)
Type Mountaintop
Condition Ruins
Admin's Rating ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Location Higashiazuma, Gunma Pref.
Map Google Map
Access Gobara Sta. (Agatsuma Line), 30 min walk
Visited April 29, 2016
Visitor Info. Mountain trails, open any time | Time Required: 15 mins
Notes Gobara Castle is best visited in a trip to Iwabitsu Castle. Start from Gobara Station and walk to Seiryuin and Gobara Castle. Then walk the "Sanada Road" to Iwabitsu Castle. Gunma Haramachi is often given as the closest train station to Iwabitsu Castle but it is a long boring uphill walk. This route is much better and mostly wooded. After Iwabitsu Castle you can walk downhill all the way to Gunma Haramachi for the return trip.
History The full history of Gobara Castle is unknown. It was likely built as a satellite defense to Iwabitsu Castle covering the rear entrance or Karamete entrance. With building Seiryuin, the fortified palace intended for Takeda Katsuyori, the defenses may have been fortified as well because Gobara Castle would have been a vital defense for Seiryuin too. It was originally thought that the castle was little more than a check point, but recent studies have shown it to have been a more well developed castle with multiple baileys, earthen bridge and trenches around.
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Higashiazuma, Gunma Pref.
Gobara Castle views
Gobara Castle Main bailey
Terraced baileys Honmaru
Large bailey bailey
Terraced baileys Mountainside
Looking up the mountain trail Looking into the castle from high up the trail