Uda Matsuyama Castle 宇陀松山城
Founder Akiyama Clan
Year Late 14th C.
Type Mountaintop
Condition Ruins
Alternate Name Akiyama-jo
Admin's Rating ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Historical Site National Historic Site
Location Uda, Nara Pref.
Map Google Map
Access Haibara Sta. (Kintetsu Osaka Line), 20 min bus to Nishiyama Bus Stop, 5 min walk; or Ouda Bus Stop (last stop), 15 min walk.
Website Uda City Sightseeing
Visited December 24, 2016
Visitor Info. mountain trails open any time. | Time Required: 120 mins
Notes This is a really fascinating site to visit. The hourly bus from the station makes it easy to visit. The climb is fairly short and easy. The site is well maintained and the top offers some nice views along with the castle ruins. It looks like there are still some areas that could be excavated too. The castle town below also has a nice atmosphere that is a nationally registered historic buildings district.
History The castle originated with fortifications by the Akiyama clan during the Nanboku-cho Period. With the rise of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the area came under Hideyoshi's control. Hideyoshi appointed his brother Hidenaga as the local lord in 1585. Several people were appointed castellan between 1585 and 1595 when it became Taga Hidetane. Hidetane sided with the Western Forces at the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600. His forces attacked Ohtsu Castle so they were not at the main battle. After Sekigahara the castle was taken by the Tokugawa and Hidetane was replaced with Fukushima Takaharu. Fukushima changed the castle name from Akiyama Castle to Matsuyama Castle and the Uda Matsuyama Domain was established. However, at the Siege of Osaka, Fukushima Takaharu was suspected of being an informant or spy for the Toyotomi forces so he was replaced by Oda Nobukatsu (second son of Nobunaga). Nobukatsu thoroughly destroyed the castle and built a jin'ya simply for administrative purposes for the domain. In 1695, the fifth generation Oda, Oda Nobuyasu had has holdings reduced and was moved to Tanba Kaibara. The Uda Matsuyama domain was eliminated at this time.

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Uda, Nara Pref.
Uda Matsuyama Castle views
Otemichi Road Main Keep foundation
West Gate Kasugamon gate
Kasugamon Gate Trail
Entranceway trench and earthworks
Earthworks Earthworks
Trench Stone walls of the Suzumemon Gate
Suzumemon Gate Otemichi Road
Otemichi Road Otemichi Road
Otemichi Road Honmaru Bailey
Otemichi viewed form the Honmaru Gokaban Bailey
Steep sides of the Honmaru Bailey Main keep foundation
Honmaru and Obikuruwa Baileys South entrance
South entrance Steep sides of the Obikuruwa Bailey
Obikuruwa and Honmaru baileys Stone lined entrance
Stone lined entrance Looking up to the main keep foundation
Yokobori trench Earthen bridge
Gokaban Bailey Looking up to the Honmaru
Gokaban Bailey and palace bailey Main keep foundation
Route down form the castle. Castle entrance
Honmaru Bailey Obikuruwa bailey and trench
Obikuruwa bailey and trench Obikuruwa and trench
Gokaban Bailey and palace bailey Obikuruwa and trench
Palace bailey and trenches Koshiguruwa and Gokaban bailey
Main bailey and main keep foundation Otemichi Trail
castle town Kusuri-no-yakata