Bitchu Matsuyama Castle 備中松山城
Description The path to the Ninomaru Bailey. Part of the wall on the left is original and a Important Cultural Property.
Historical Artifacts San no Hirayagura East Wall (wall - Important Cultural Property)
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Photo Time: 2010-11-20 12:42:04 JST
Bitchu Matsuyama Castle views
main keep and honmaru gate main keep
main keep and honmaru compound foundation of the former Naka Taiko Yagura
Stone walls Otemon Stone Walls
Stone walls of the Otemon Gate, Sannomaru Bailey and Umaya Bailey. Bitchu4-t
Ruins of the Otemon Gate Stone walls of the Umaya Bailey
Stone walls of the Umaya Bailey Honmaru Bailey
East Gate main keep interior
Inside the main keep ruins of the Karamete Gate
original 2 level yagura 2 level yagura foundation
North Gate East Gate and Honmaru stone walls
Gate to the Orii Home Interior of the samurai home
Entranceway to the Orii Home Garden of the Orii Home
Haibara Family Home map