Matsue Castle 松江城
Description From the left is the Minami (South) Yagura, Naka (middle) Yagura and you can just barely see the Taiko (drum) Yagura off to the far right. These are all fabulous reconstructions that were designed from looking at old pictures.
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Photo Time: 2010-11-19 08:50:19 JST
Matsue Castle views
main keep main keep 
main keep Matsue1-t
Yagura and moat 2 yagura and stone walls
stone walls and bailey Inside the Taiko Yagura
Inside the Upper Ninomaru Minami Yagura and Ichinomon Gate
inside the main keep Main keep, fourth floor.
top floor of the main keep View form the main keep
Inui Yagura foundation stone walls of the Mizunote Gate.
Kitasomon Bridge boat landing
Inari Bridge Chidori Bridge
Nagaymon gate of a samurai home samurai home