Himeji Castle 姫路城
Description Ho Gate. It is an uzumimon style gate. The entrance is lower than the ground level of the Obi Kuruwa bailey on the opposite side. If necessary, the doors could be closed and backfilled with dirt or stone to keep enemies from entering the castle. You can see this more easily in the next picture. It is the Gate to the right of the Aburakabe. You'll also note that this gate is very narrow with a low clearance to make people enter single file and to lower their heads to get through.
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Photo Time: 2009-11-15 12:56:27 JST
Himeji Castle views
Himeji Castle Tenshu Hishi gate
tenshu tenshu and Nishinomaru bailey.
Kesho Yagura and connected yagura I Gate
Ro Gate Tenshu, Ha Gate, walls, stone walls
Ha Gate Ha Gate
Ro Yagura Ni Gate
main tenshu, Inui connected tenshu and Nishi connected tenshu. Himeji6-t
Aburakabe Mizu Ni Gate
Mizu Go Gate. Tenshu
I and Ro Watariyagura Ha Watariyagura
He Gate To-no-ichi Gate and Chi Gate
To-no-ni Gate To-no-yon Gate
stone walls , Obi Yagura Bizen Gate and Orimawari Yagura
Ri Gate, Taiko Yagura Nu Gate
Ru Gate tenshu