Iyo Matsuyama Castle 伊予松山城
Description This is known as the Tsutsui Gate. The small gate with no doors on the left is called the Tonashimon, on the right is a big watariyagura style yagura gate that is the actual Tsuitsuimon Gate. Hidden behind the stone wall on the right of the Tsutsui Gate is actually a small hidden gate too. This Tonashi Gate is the only original one in this photo. The rest of the structures have been reconstructed. In the background on the left side is the Taiko Yagura form previous pictures. After making a couple hairpin turns through the stone corridor to get here and then again after the Tonashimon Gate. You can see how attackers would be really bottled up in this small space while trying to break through the big gate.

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Historical Artifacts Tonashimon Gate (koraimon - Important Cultural Property)
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Photo Time: 2016-02-26 10:01:50 JST
Iyo Matsuyama Castle views
Main Keep Tatsumi Yagura
Kakushimon Tsuzukiyagura South Honmaru stone wall
Corridor from the Otemon Gate to the Honmaru Otemon gate ruins
Stone wall corridor to the Tsutsui Gate Stone wall of the Tonashimon Gate
Otemon Gate stone walls Taiko Yagura
Matsuyama9-t Kakushimon Gate
Tsutsui Gate Taiko Yagura and wall beyond the Tsutsui Gate
Taiko Gate Taiko Gate
Taiko Gate Baguyagura and honmaru stone walls
Taiko Yagura Honmaru stone walls, the Baguyagura and Taiko Yagura
Hondan entrance Ninomon South Yagura
Shichikumon Gate East Wall Main keep
Ichinomon Gate Ichinomon Gate
Ichinomon Masugata Gate Wall of the main keep compound
Ninomon and Sannomon Ninomon Gate yagura and walls
Sannomon Gate Sannomon Gate
Sannomon Gate, yagura and walls Sujigane Gate
View into the Ichinomon Gate South Yagura
Main Keep, Sujigane Gate, Uchimon gate Sujigane Gate
Uchimon Gate Interior of the Uchimon Gate.
Nohara Yagura Main keep interior
Main keep interior Main keep interior
Main keep interior Main keep compound
Honmaru bailey View form the main keep
Shikirimon Gate and Uchimon Gate Shikirimon Gate.
Shikirimon Gate Uchimon Gate
Main Keep, Sannnomon, Shikirimon Ninomon South Yagura
North courtyard of the Honmaru Bailey South and North Yagura
Inui Gate and Inui Yagura Inui Gate and South and North Yagura
Inui Yagura Inui Gate
Climbing Stone Wall Nohara Yagura and stone walls.
Inui Yagura Honmaru stone walls
Baguyagura Taiko Yagura
Stone walls Otemon Gate stone walls
Ninomaru Palace area Stone walled entrance
Okumon Gate Ninomaru stone walls
Ninomaru and Keyaki Gate stone walls Tsuga Gate stone walls
Rice storehouse Ninomaru stone walls and Keyaki Gate
Ninomaru map Tamon yagura
South Gate Yaguramon Gate to the Ninomaru
Walls of the Ninomaru entrance Model of the Ninomaru compound.
Walls and gate of the Ninomaru Large well
Ninomaru Palace area Looking towards the rice storehouse
Eastern climbing stone wall Climbing stone wall
Climbing stone wall Climbing stone wall
Ninomaru stone walls Map