Osaka Castle 大阪城
Description This is a good view of the Rokuban Yagura and the stone walls of the outer moat. The wall is intentionally made win this zigzag pattern to provide flanking fire against anyone attacking a section of the wall. This is called "yokoya gakari" in Japanese. If it were perfectly straight it would be difficult to get a good angle of fire on anyone trying to scale the walls.
Historical Artifacts Rokuban Yagura (2 level yagura - Important Cultural Property)
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Photo Time: 2012-03-18 16:57:30 JST
Osaka Castle views
Inui Yagura
Back side of the Inui Yagura. Sangan Yagura and Otemon Gate
moat near the Otemon Gate Sengan Yagura and moat
Inside the Otemon Gate Large stones at the Otemon gate
Loops holes in the Otemon Gate Otemon Watariyagura Gate
Main keep seen from the Nishinomaru Bailey North Shikirimon Gate
North Shikirimon Gate Ensho Storehouse
Dry moat around the Honmaru bailey stone with wedge holes
Sakuramon Gate Sakuramon Gate
Honmaru Bailey dry moat Huge stone at the Sakura Gate
Sakura Gate Main keep
Gokinzo Main keep seen from the Hime Gate.
Kakushi Kuruwa Bailey Gokuraku Bridge
Aoyaguchi Gate Outer moat and Ichiban Yagura.
Ichiban Yagura Rokuban Yagura
Osaka33-t Rokuban Yagura
Stones form Hideyoshi's original walls Map