Hikone Castle 彦根城
Description Sawaguchi Tamon Yagura and masugata gate of the Ninomaru Bailey. The yagura one the far side of the road and gate is original and Important Cultural Property. The longer yagura on the right was reconstructed in 1960. The moat in front is the Soto Bori moat (Outer Moat).
Historical Artifacts Ninomaru Sawaguchi Tamon Yagura (1 level yagura and southeast 2 level corner yagura - Important Cultural Property)
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Photo Time: 2004-02-21 09:08:37 JST
Hikone Castle views
donjon front Hikone2-t
Sawaguchi Tamon Yagura, left section Tenbin Yagura and Rokabashi Bridge
Hikone Castle Museum and palace. Taiko Mon Gate
main keep interior main keep interior, top floor
Nishinomaru 3 story yagura. stone foundation of the main keep and Honmaru
Otemon Bridge over the inner moat nagayamon gate
moat partially stone lined water moat
Inside the Sawaguchimon Yagura. Inside the Tenbin Yagura
Inside the horse stables.