Hagi Castle 萩城
Description The street suddenly takes a 90 degree turn quickly followed by a second one. This is called kaimagari. It prevents you from seeing very far down the street and aids the defense of the samurai quarter and the castle in general. Not just in Hagi, but everywhere castle towns were designed with defense in mind to slow attackers and prevent them form easily reaching the castle. Streets like this are nicely preserved Hagi.
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Photo Time: 2014-11-21 14:51:10 JST
Hagi Castle views
main keep foundation, moat, stone walls Minamimon Gate (South Gate)
Minamimon Gate (South Gate) Stone wall to the left of the Honmaru Gate
Mushabashiri in the stone wall Main keep foundation
Honmaru gangi The top of the main keep foundation
View of the moat and stone walls form the main keep Moats viewed form the West Gate
Looking towards the main keep foundation Ruins of a wall at the Hakken Yagura
Main keep foundation Mushabashiri
Inner moat Stone walls between the Honmaru Gate and the Tsukimi Yagura.
Wall remnants Wall remnant
Wall remains Kia Yagura stone walls
North Yagura stone foundation Stone marked for splitting
Large stone with ya-ana Shioiri Gate ruins
Stone walls by the ocean. Stone walls and clay walls near the ocean
Ninomaru Shikirimon Gate mushabashiri to the top of the sea wall.
East Gate Map of the Tsumenomaru
Entrance to the Tsumenomaru Entrance to the Tumemaru
Back side of the entrance clay wall Ninomaru bailey of the Tsumenomaru
large stones with wedge holes Yaguramon Gate
Steps to the Honmaru View of the Yaguramon Gate and the Ninomaru Bailey
View of the Yaguramon Gate Large boulder marked for splitting
Closer view of the huge stone with wedge holes Marks from slitting the stones many times
Stone wall around the Tsumenomaru Stone wall around the Tsumenomaru.
Uzumimon Gate of the Honmaru Stone with wedge holes for splitting
Asa Mori Clan residence Asa Mori Clan residence
Inside one of the apartments A model of the castle found in the Asa Mori residence.
Kuchiba Clan Residence Nagayamon gate. Kuchiba Clan residence.
Inside the main house of the Kuchiba Clan residence Inside the main house of the Kuchiba Clan residence
Hagi56-t castle town corner
Castle town walls Kodama Clan residence Nagayamon
Kodama Clan residence Nagayamon Maki Moku's Residence
Hagi Museum Walls and Nagayamon Corner yagura at the Hagi Museum
Masuda Clan Residence Watch Tower Hanzawa Clan Residence Nagayamon Gate
North Gate North Gate
Kikuya Clan residence. Kido Takayoshi's residence
Saeki Tange Residence Map