Kanayama Castle 金山城
Description This horikiri is a typical and important defensive structure for mountaintop castles. They cut across the ridge or spine of the mountain creating a deep cleft where any attacker would have to descend one side and then scale the other side in order to reach farther into the castle. This prevents any attacker from easily breaching the castle by running up the ridge to the top. This horikiri was actually stone paved and used by defenders to reach a wooden elevated road to help them get deeper into the castle more quickly.
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Photo Time: 2013-05-24 11:31:35 JST
Kanayama Castle views
Ote Koguchi Mitsuke Demaru bailey
Mitsuke Demaru Dry moat
Kanayama4-t wooden log path
wooden log path horikiri
Deep horikiri before the stone bridge. stone bridge over a horikiri and entrance
stone walls and stone paved road wooden bridge and stone walls
Stone walls Looking back over the wooden bridge
Bailey of the lookout tower View from the lookout tower
building foundation and entrance remains of a building foundation
building foundation Baba Kuruwa (bailey)
Tsuki-no-ike pond Ote Koguchi entrance
Ote Koguchi Stone walls Main road from the entrance
reconstructed storehouse stone walls
Hi-no-ike pond honmaru bailey
Map of the inner castle grounds The mountain with the castle