Kanazawa Castle 金沢城
Description Entrance to the Shimizu Residence, the home of a lower ranking samurai. In this area, the low ranking samurai live in much better quarters than most other domains. They had their own residence as opposed to apartments in a row house.
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Photo Time: 2016-10-30 10:04:44 JST
Kanazawa Castle views
Hashizumemon Gate Hashizumemon Gate and  Sannnomaru Bailey
Tatsumi Yagura stone walls East Bailey stone walls
East Bailey stone walls Stone wall exhibit
Stone wall exhibit Gyokusenin Bailey garden
Gyokusenin Bailey garden Stone wall of the Gyokusenin Bailey
Sanjukken Nagaya Inside the Sanjukken Nagaya
Sanjukken Nagaya Stone walls of the Kuroganemon Gate
Trench, embankment and stone walls Gojukken Nagaya
Tsurumaru Storehouse stone walls
Honmaru Stone Walls Yaguramon Gate of the Hashizumemon Gate
Yaguramon Gate of the Hashizumemon Inside the Hishi Yagura
Inside the Gojukken Nagaya Hishi Yagura and Gojukken Yagura
Gojukken Nagaya Hishi Yagura
Gojukken Yagura Kahokumon Gate
Wall above the Hyakkenbori Moat entrance to the Tsurunomaru Bailey
Tatsumi Yagura foundation East Bailey Stone walls
Hashizumemon Gate
Hashizumemon Gate Gojukken Nagaya Yagura and Hishi Yagura
Ishikawamon Gate Walls of the samurai quarter
Walls around samurai homes Ohya Residence gate
Ohya Residence Front gate of the Nomura Residence
Entrance to the Nomura Residence Garden of the Nomura Residence
Takada Residence Nagayamon Nagayamon Gate of the Takada Residence
Kanazawa49-t Shimizu Residence
Shimizu Residence Shimizu Residence
Takanishi Residence Inside the Takanishi Residence
Takanishi Residence Nagayamon of the Araie Residence
Nagayamon of the Amano Residence