Heda Stone Quarry 戸田石丁場
Heda Stone quarry background.
The Heda Stone Quarry was the third such stone quarry I visited in the Izu area. It is located on the Western side of Izu, so you would think that the stone would have been used for the building of Sunpu Castle, but it was actually a quarry for Edo Castle. The boats carrying stone had to travel all the way around the Izu Peninsula to get up to Tokyo. Some of the Heda specific kokuin carvings (such as a square with a circle containing the number 7) have been found at the Sakurada and Shimizu Gates of Edo Castle. Also, the family crest of Hosokawa can be spotted around the Hirakawa and Shimizu Gates. From the writing and family crests that were found carved into stones at this site, we know that at least three daimyo, Hosokawa, Nabeshima, and Matsuura, quarried stone here. In particular the Hosokawa and Nabeshima were charged with supplying stone for the walls of Edo Castle in 1606 and 1614

Like the others, the Heda stone quarry is not on any map, nor are there any materials available to guide you around the ruins. The mountain is quite steep, a bit treacherous, and there are no trails so I would not recommend someone who is not familiar with the area to go without a guide. Heda was by far the most fascinating stone quarry I've seen so far. The kokuin and writings carved in stone are more varied and the scale of untouched ruins scattered around the mountain is impressive. There are areas where the stone has been mostly cut away making some relatively even open spaces. There are paths where dozens, if not hundreds, of stones were transported along them cutting ridges into the ground. There are also areas of steep valleys where many many stones are piled on top of each other. It looks like a dumping ground or a place where the smaller stones were piled up to be transported away. This is a really interesting area so I hope the town will develop it a little to make it at least a little bit more accessible to the average castle fanatic.

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More Photos
Heda Stone quarry background. stones with wedge holes
writing that marks the quarry owned by Etchu Hosokawa wedges holes along a partially processed stone.
kokuin of the ord of Hirado, Matsuura wedge holes on an unsplit stone
split stone 3 dango kokuin
ta kokuin wide view of part of the quarry
Matsuura creat marking small kokuin marking
split stone wide view of the quarry
large cut stone split stone with marking
2 large kamon on a split stone square in a square kokuin
Large kokuin marking triangle and lines marking
Writingmarking the quarry belonging to the Nabeshima Writingmarking the quarry belonging to the Nabeshima
large stone with writing for the Nabeshima Writing for Hosokawa's quarry
One large partially cut up stone triangle marking
large area of stones piled up large partially split up stone
stone with wedge holes and a marking mountain range marking
small marking of one horizontal line and 2 vertical long stone with a flag marking on the end
large stone with a marking on the end stone with 2 markings
stone with 2 markings stone leaving
Stone with wedge holes Flag with the number 7 marking
Stone leavings with many wedge holes