Kanazawa Castle Komatsu Castle and Ritsuunkyo (Takeda Castle)

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Kanazawa Castle and Komatsu Castle


I finally updated Kanazawa Castle from my recent visit and added/replaced many of the Komatsu Castle and Terashima Residence photos. As much as I like to visit great castles like Kanazawa Castle and take hundreds of photos, it is very time consuming to sort and select the photos to post ! This time I put all the photos into sub-albums so you can select what you'd like to see and look deeper. All the photos appear on the map too so you may also explore from there.

While reviewing some other castle profiles, I also realized that my album of photos from the the Ritsuunkyo Park at Takeda Castle was missing, so I've uploaded those again. It may have been misplaced when I migrated from the old site, since this sub-album was done in a different way at the time. While I was at it, I uploaded higher resolution versions of all the photos and updated the Visit Notes section for this great castle.

Kanazawa Castle / 金沢城


This is an amazing castle. It has only three original structures; the Ishikawamon Gate, Sanjikken Yagura, and the Tsurumaru Storehouse, but the vast stone walls, excellent reconstructions, extant samurai homes, and one of the most famous gardens in Japan, make it a 5 Star must-see site for anyone. After three visits I think I can comfortably say that I've seen more than 90% of this castle, but I know that I still missed at least one samurai home and some of the Sogamae defense ruins. Depending on how throughly you want to tour this castle you could easily spend 3 or more days in Kanazawa just for the castle and related sites!
Komatsu Castle / 小松城


The only remnants of this once sprawling castle are the main keep foundation and a portion of the stone wall of a moat nearby. A small yakuimon from the original castle now stands on the grounds of a nearby elementary school and a yaguramon was also repurposed to use as the gate for the Raishoji Temple. The castle's honmaru is now a park, the ninomaru (second bailey) is now a high school, and the sannomaru (third bailey) is now the Rojo Park. Other baileys which existed are now built over with residential sprawl. The original profile is from ART with updated photos by Eric.
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