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In February 2006, the Japan Castle Foundation released a list of the Top 100 castles in Japan. Selection was based on (1) important cultural or historical artifacts (2) the setting for important historical events and (3) representative castles from each historical period and region. Furthermore, there is at least one castle from each prefecture, but no more than 5. The castles included on this site are linked below.

  1. Aizu Wakamatsu Castle (Prefecture: Fukushima Prefecture)
  2. Akashi Castle (Prefecture: Hyogo Prefecture)
  3. Ako Castle (Prefecture: Hyogo Prefecture)
  4. Ashikagashi Yakata (Prefecture: Tochigi Prefecture)
  5. Azuchi Castle (Prefecture: Shiga Prefecture)
  6. Bitchu Matsuyama Castle (Prefecture: Okayama Prefecture)
  7. Chihaya Castle (Prefecture: Osaka)
  8. Edo Castle (Prefecture: Tokyo)
  9. Fukuoka Castle (Prefecture: Fukuoka Prefecture)
  10. Fukuyama Castle (Prefecture: Hiroshima Prefecture)
  11. Funai Castle (Prefecture: Oita Prefecture)
  12. Gassan Toda Castle (Prefecture: Shimane Prefecture)
  13. Gifu Castle (Prefecture: Gifu Prefecture)
  14. Goryokaku Fort (Prefecture: Hokkaido)
  15. Hachigata Castle (Prefecture: Saitama Prefecture)
  16. Hachioji Castle (Prefecture: Tokyo)
  17. Hagi Castle (Prefecture: Yamaguchi Prefecture)
  18. Hikone Castle (Prefecture: Shiga Prefecture)
  19. Himeji Castle (Prefecture: Hyogo Prefecture)
  20. Hirado Castle (Prefecture: Nagasaki Prefecture)
  21. Hirosaki Castle (Prefecture: Aomori Prefecture)
  22. Hiroshima Castle (Prefecture: Hiroshima Prefecture)
  23. Hitoyoshi Castle (Prefecture: Kumamoto Prefecture)
  24. Hizen Nagoya Castle (Prefecture: Saga Prefecture)
  25. Ichijodani Castle (Prefecture: Fukui Prefecture)
  26. Iga Ueno Castle (Prefecture: Mie Prefecture)
  27. Imabari Castle (Prefecture: Ehime Prefecture)
  28. Inuyama Castle (Prefecture: Aichi Prefecture)
  29. Iwakuni Castle (Prefecture: Yamaguchi Prefecture)
  30. Iwamura Castle (Prefecture: Gifu Prefecture)
  31. Iyo Matsuyama Castle (Prefecture: Ehime Prefecture)
  32. Kagoshima Castle (Prefecture: Kagoshima Prefecture)
  33. Kakegawa Castle (Prefecture: Shizuoka Prefecture)
  34. Kanayama Castle (Prefecture: Gunma Prefecture)
  35. Kanazawa Castle (Prefecture: Ishikawa Prefecture)
  36. Kannonji Castle (Prefecture: Shiga Prefecture)
  37. Kasugayama Castle (Prefecture: Niigata Prefecture)
  38. Kawagoe Castle (Prefecture: Saitama Prefecture)
  39. Kinojo (Prefecture: Okayama Prefecture)
  40. Kochi Castle (Prefecture: Kochi Prefecture)
  41. Kofu Castle (Prefecture: Yamanashi Prefecture)
  42. Komoro Castle (Prefecture: Nagano Prefecture)
  43. Koriyama Castle (Hiroshima) (Prefecture: Hiroshima Prefecture)
  44. Kubota Castle (Prefecture: Akita Prefecture)
  45. Kumamoto Castle (Prefecture: Kumamoto Prefecture)
  46. Marugame Castle (Prefecture: Kagawa Prefecture)
  47. Maruoka Castle (Prefecture: Fukui Prefecture)
  48. Matsue Castle (Prefecture: Shimane Prefecture)
  49. Matsumae Castle (Prefecture: Hokkaido)
  50. Matsumoto Castle (Prefecture: Nagano Prefecture)
  51. Matsusaka Castle (Prefecture: Mie Prefecture)
  52. Matsushiro Castle (Prefecture: Nagano Prefecture)
  53. Minowa Castle (Prefecture: Gunma Prefecture)
  54. Mito Castle (Prefecture: Ibaraki Prefecture)
  55. Morioka Castle (Prefecture: Iwate Prefecture)
  56. Nagashino Castle (Prefecture: Aichi Prefecture)
  57. Nagoya Castle (Prefecture: Aichi Prefecture)
  58. Nakagusuku Castle (Prefecture: Okinawa Prefecture)
  59. Nakijin Castle (Prefecture: Okinawa Prefecture)
  60. Nanao Castle (Prefecture: Ishikawa Prefecture)
  61. Ne Castle (Prefecture: Aomori Prefecture)
  62. Nemuro Hanto Chashi Ato Gun (Prefecture: Hokkaido)
  63. Nihonmatsu Castle (Prefecture: Fukushima Prefecture)
  64. Nijo Castle (Prefecture: Kyoto)
  65. Obi Castle (Prefecture: Miyazaki Prefecture)
  66. Odani Castle (Prefecture: Shiga Prefecture)
  67. Odawara Castle (Prefecture: Kanagawa Prefecture)
  68. Oka Castle (Prefecture: Oita Prefecture)
  69. Okayama Castle (Prefecture: Okayama Prefecture)
  70. Okazaki Castle (Prefecture: Aichi Prefecture)
  71. Ono Castle (Prefecture: Fukuoka Prefecture)
  72. Osaka Castle (Prefecture: Osaka)
  73. Ozu Castle (Prefecture: Ehime Prefecture)
  74. Saga Castle (Prefecture: Saga Prefecture)
  75. Sakura Castle (Prefecture: Chiba Prefecture)
  76. Sasayama Castle (Prefecture: Hyogo Prefecture)
  77. Sendai Castle (Prefecture: Miyagi Prefecture)
  78. Shibata Castle (Prefecture: Niigata Prefecture)
  79. Shimabara Castle (Prefecture: Nagasaki Prefecture)
  80. Shirakawa Castle (Prefecture: Fukushima Prefecture)
  81. Shuri Castle (Prefecture: Okinawa Prefecture)
  82. Sunpu Castle (Prefecture: Shizuoka Prefecture)
  83. Taga Castle (Prefecture: Miyagi Prefecture)
  84. Takamatsu Castle (Prefecture: Kagawa Prefecture)
  85. Takaoka Castle (Prefecture: Toyama Prefecture)
  86. Takato Castle (Prefecture: Nagano Prefecture)
  87. Takatori Castle (Prefecture: Nara Prefecture)
  88. Takeda Castle (Prefecture: Hyogo Prefecture)
  89. Tokushima Castle (Prefecture: Tokushima Prefecture)
  90. Tottori Castle (Prefecture: Tottori Prefecture)
  91. Tsutsujigasaki Palace (Prefecture: Yamanashi Prefecture)
  92. Tsuwano Castle (Prefecture: Shimane Prefecture)
  93. Tsuyama Castle (Prefecture: Okayama Prefecture)
  94. Ueda Castle (Prefecture: Nagano Prefecture)
  95. Uwajima Castle (Prefecture: Ehime Prefecture)
  96. Wakayama Castle (Prefecture: Wakayama Prefecture)
  97. Yamagata Castle (Prefecture: Yamagata Prefecture)
  98. Yamanaka Castle (Prefecture: Shizuoka Prefecture)
  99. Yoshinogari (Prefecture: Saga Prefecture)
  100. Yuzuki Castle (Prefecture: Ehime Prefecture)
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