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User contributions are welcome !

  1. Add new castles
  2. Add photos to castles you've added or existing castles
  3. Write an article in your individual User Wiki

Guidelines for contributing a new castle

  1. Make sure the castle doesn't already exist under a different name. Check both the name and all castles for that prefecture and location to be sure

Add a castle

Guidelines for contributing photos

  1. Make sure that a similar photo does not already exist
  2. Each castle should have a reasonable number of photos that someone would be interesting in viewing
  3. Don't upload photos that are only slightly different in composition or don't add value for the viewer
  4. This is not your personal gallery of your castle photos
  5. This is not a commercial resource. All photos uploaded by you will have the same Creative Commons licensing noted in the footer. Subtle, non-obtrusive watermarks are permissible.
  6. Using as a vehicle to advertise your business is unacceptable. Violators will have their photos removed and accounts suspended.
  7. Senior editors may trim some photos or edit descriptions, tags, etc in accordance with these guidelines
  8. You can also check here for files that have been previously uploaded

After reading the above, click below to add a photo:

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