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Added Hagi Castle, Tsuwano castle and Hamada Castle February 22, 2015


Added Hagi Castle, Tsuwano castle and Hamada Castle

My apologies for the delay in announcing page updates. I just realized that I did not post a note here about new castles added in December and January. Please Like Jcastle on Facebook or Follow me on Twitter and you'll always find out about new additions as soon as they're posted along with other castle related news.

Last November, I took a long awaited trip to Hagi and Tsuwano in the far western side of Japan. It's a place I've always wanted to visit but is very far from Tokyo and fairly difficult to get to.

Hagi Castle not only has extensive ruins, but it also has the best preserved castle town in Japan. I only planned for one day here, but I could have easily spent two exploring the castle town.

Tsuwano Castle was also an awe inspiring experience. I started climbing the mountain early before anyone else and was rewarded with the most amazing sea of clouds around the castle and mountaintop. I know crowds of people gather at Takeda Castle to see the same thing so I was surprised that I was the only one here at Tsuwano.

On the third day, I dropped by Hamada Castle, a small stronghoild on the coast with nice views of the harbor. The stone walls are nicely preserved and it's an easy castle to get to if you are in the area.

After Hamada I took the bus to Hiroshima and dropped by Hiroshima Castle for the first time in 15 years. A lot of people don't know there was a castle in Hiroshima, but it was a national treasure before the war. The stone walls remain and they rebuilt the main keep and some gates in the intervening years. While the keep is concrete they've done a fabulous job with the gate and yagura. Many stone walls and moats also make this a very enjoyable visit.

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