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Added Hayashiohjo Castle and Hayashikojo Castle December 12, 2015


Added Hayashiohjo Castle and Hayashikojo Castle

I'm terribly sorry that the site has been so quiet the last few months. I have actually been quite busy with castles. I just haven't had much time to update this site. I've been slowly working on a redesign and redevelopment of the backend, and I also visited 21 castles this fall, 18 of which were first time visits.

Today I'm adding two new castles from a visit to Nagano in the end of October. Hayashiohjo Castle and Hayashikojo Castle combine to make one big castle compound forming the homebase of the Ogawasawara Clan in the Sengoku Period. Hayashikojo Castle is the newer of the two and on a slightly smaller mountain. This one is particularly interesting because it has beautifully preserved stone walls around the central bailey and second bailey.

As always, I update Facebook much more frequently with photos from my visits so please Like Jcastle on Facebook for early previews of my castle trips.

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  • Chris    December 16, 2015 at 11:40 AM
    No worries about the delays, at least you got the chance to get around and see some castles. :) Thanks so much for keeping this site going and adding new locations/info when you're able to.