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Shishiku Castle and Hakusan Castle January 10, 2016


Shishiku Castle and Hakusan Castle

Shishiku Castle
Hakusan Castle

These are two castles I visited back in October for Sports Day. They both have a lot to offer for castles fans but both are very different. Shishiku Castle has lots of stone walls and was a little more remote. It was an important smoke signal fort in the communication network of the Takeda until it fell to the Hojo, but eventually was taken by the Tokugawa. Hakusan Castle is a pure "earthworks castle" with only trenches and embankments. It is a little more centrally located and formed an important part of the defensive line to Shinpu Castle and Nomi Castle. Hakusan Castle fell to the Tokugawa along with Shinpu Castle after the end of the Takeda. I chose these two castles because they both have a lot of ruins to see and can be reasonably done in one day. After writing these histories it was interesting to see how they are related and I became more interested in some of the minor ruins such as Wakamiko Castle and Noumi Castle which are also nearby. They have less to offer, but I would like to visit these more minor ruins someday to complete the picture. A revisit to Shinpu Castle would also make sense.

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