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Added Sasao Castle and Yato Castle in Yamanashi Pref. March 20, 2016


Added Sasao Castle and Yato Castle in Yamanashi Pref.

Today I added 2 castles from a day trip to Yamanashi last September: Sasao Castle and Yato Castle. I also visited Kofu Castle and Tsutsujigasaki Castle that day but it will be awhile before I update those profiles.

Sasao Castle is a small castle ruin located on the cliff overlooking the river valley below. From the Nagano side it's downhill to get to the castle which is basically a flatland castle but the castle on the cliff is like a mountaintop castle from valley side. It reminds me of Nagurumi Castle in that sense. On the day I went, the first bailey, on the edge of the cliff, was closed off after heavy rains due to fallen trees and the danger of further erosion.

Yato Castle is a fairly interesting castle with lots of baileys in concentric circles. At the foot of Yatsugatake, it had a fairly good view of the surroundings without being on a high mountain. The perfect location for a castle.

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