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Iyo Matsuyama Castle and Yuzuki Castle May 22, 2016


Iyo Matsuyama Castle and Yuzuki Castle

The first update from my Shikoku trip is done. Yuzuki Castle and Matsuyama Castle.

Matsuyama Castle is one of the best castles in Japan and this is probably the most detailed profile I've put together so far. I have at least one photo of all the original structures with links to their profiles in the Cultural Heritage Online Database.

Yuzuki Castle was a surprisingly interesting site. The reconstructed buildings and walls help you imagine what the interior of a Sengoku Period castle was like. The top of the hill offers nice views of the city and Matsuyama Castle. If you visit Matsuyama Castle Yuzuki Castle is also a must see.

You should also check the map page for details of where each photo was taken.

Matsuyama Castle Photo Map
Yuzuki Castle Photo Map

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