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Added 15 new Tohoku castles May 26, 2016


Added 15 new Tohoku castles

Castle fan AdamT has contributed 15 new profiles of Tohoku castles to JCastle. Thanks Adam! It's great to fill out some of these holes on the map and read the histories of a region not well covered yet.
  1. Akozu Castle
  2. Funehiki Castle
  3. Inaniwa Castle
  4. Izumi Jin'ya
  5. Kameda Castle
  6. Kamitohno Castle
  7. Kashiwara Castle
  8. Miharu Castle
  9. Ogoe Castle
  10. Shishido Jin'ya
  11. Soma Nakamura Castle
  12. Takijiri Castle
  13. Tokiwa Castle
  14. Yuzawa Castle
  15. Mutsu Obama Castle

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