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Day trip to Iwabitsu Castle August 11, 2016


Day trip to Iwabitsu Castle

I spent the first day of Golden Week 2016 at Iwabitsu Castle. Iwabitsu Castle is a place that I've had plans to visit for a few years but due to weather or other reasons it has taken a back seat. With the hype around the Sanadamaru Taiga Drama this year, it seemed like I had to find a good chance to go. Perhaps it was fated. With the recent attention they've cut a lot of trees and made it more accessible in areas. There is also a lot more information available and to top it off it was a beautiful day.

Some information will tell you to start from Gunma Haramachi Station, but that is a long, boring uphill walk that will do nothing but tire you out by the time you get there. I recommend to start from Gobara Station, visit Seiryuin if you have time and walk the "Sanada Road" to Iwabitsu Castle. It is a nice walk through the old town that then goes into the woods. Along the way you can also see the Ideurafuchi and Tonotei baileys of Iwabitsu Castle. On the way home after Iwabitsu Castle you can walk to Gunma Haramachi Station which is down hill all the way.

Iwabitsu Castle

Iwabitsu Castle was one of the important strongholds of the Sanada that connected them from Ueda to Numata.


Seiryuin is the site of a fortified palace built by Sanada Masayuki for Takeda Katsuyori. Unfortunately, Katsuyori never made it there. He went to Iwadono Castle instead where he was betrayed. After being pursued by Takigawa Kazumasa he killed himself.

Gobara Castle

Gobara Castle is a small satellite castle of Iwabitsu Castle between Iwabitsu Castle and Seiryuin.

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