Himeji Castle - Small Keeps Limited Exhibition

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Himeji Castle - Small Keeps Limited Exhibition


For the 25th Anniversary of Himeji Castle being selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the East Small Keep, the Inui Small Keep, and the Ro Watariyagura (long connecting hallway between the two) were opened to the public for the first time in February 2019. I was able to go just in time on the last day of the exhibition. It was a cold, raining, sleeting day but it did allow me to visit the main keep and the special exhibitions with very few people around. In 2020, other structures were also opened in February for a limited time. I hope this becomes a yearly tradition.

Personally I thought that the Ro Watariyagaura was the most impressive interior, but the most exciting thing about these structures was the close up views of the main keep that you can never see elsewhere. Also, you can view how all the structures are connected making it a renritsushiki (連立式) complex main keep.


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