Shibata Ashigaru Nagaya




This is a nagaya, or longhouse, with apartments for eight ashigaru. It is very typical housing for ashigaru. It was strategically positioned with four similar nagaya along the Aizu Kaido highway for defense.

This building is an Important Cultural Property because it is kept in such good condition and because original buildings that show the lifestyle of the ashigaru are very rare.


Shibata Ashigaru Nagaya Profile
English Name Shibata Ashigaru Nagaya
Japanese Name 旧新発田藩足軽長屋
Year 1842
Residence Type Ashigaru
Designations Important Cultural Property
Features House
Visitor Information The outside is in a park and seems to be open anytime. The inside does not seem to be open.
Location Shibata, Niigata Prefecture
Castle Shibata Castle
Coordinates 37° 56' 37", 139° 19' 44"
Shibata Castle and nearby Samurai Homes
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Visits October 9, 2011
Added Jcastle 2018

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