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11 December 2019

     22:57  (Comments log). . [ART‎ (20×)]
22:57 . . ART (talk | contribs) posted a new comment on Kanazawa Castle(This summer I had a sneak preview of the Nezumitamon (gatehouse) currently being reconstructed at Kanazawa Castle. The gate's original structure is known in some detail from old photographs that survive from the Meiji Period. It seems that the gate sur...)
22:55 . . ART (talk | contribs) posted a new comment on Setagaya Castle(It seems that Setagayajō once extended across the grounds of what is now Gōtokuji, but the modern castle park is only a part of it. Gōtokuji is now a temple famous for originating (perhaps) the famous maneki neko (waving cat), and, history fans will...)
22:54 . . ART (talk | contribs) posted a new comment on Okusawa Castle(Like several former castle sites in the Tōkyō area, Okusawajō is now the site of a temple, Jōshinji, popularly known as Kuhonbutsu. The old earth-piled ramparts of Okusawajō now partially surround the temple, forming a broken box-shape. The main e...)
22:53 . . ART (talk | contribs) posted a new comment on Inukai Castle(Inukaijō was somewhat more interesting than I had expected. The neat row of baileys running along the hilltop numbered six, and I enjoyed counting as I went up and down over them. Firstly I came to bailey number six, where there is a modern lookout pl...)
22:52 . . ART (talk | contribs) posted a new comment on Oohara Castle(Both Iga and Kōka, the former formerly its own province and the latter a former district of Ōmi Province, are famous for ninja, a modern pop-cultural phenomena whose historical antecedents have little in common with its expression today. But they are...)
22:50 . . ART (talk | contribs) posted a new comment on Haibara Castle(I entered the mountain via a trail behind the shrine at the very foot of the ridge that projects out and surrounds Rengeji, a temple from which there is also a hiking trail. From this starting point I climbed the ridge and soon found several trenches c...)
22:49 . . ART (talk | contribs) posted a new comment on Kirihara Castle(Even though I had read the webmasters's glowing account of Kiriharajō, the quiet majesty of its ruins still completely overwhelmed my expectations. Light, lackadaisical in afternoon, filtered through the autumnal shroud of the canaopy onto Kiriharajō...)
22:48 . . ART (talk | contribs) posted a new comment on Ono Castle(Although the first kodai-yamajiro (Ancient Mountain Fortress) I visited was Yashima-no-Ki in Shikoku, most of the oldest and grandest sites being located in Kyushu visiting Chikuzen-Ōnojō was almost entirely outside my scope of experience. Most inter...)
22:47 . . ART (talk | contribs) posted a new comment on Iwaya Castle(Some of the best views of Dazaifu to be had from Mt. Ohno are at the ruins of Iwayajō. From here the ruins of the Mizuki and Dazaifu's old citadel can be clearly seen. Some scant ruins remain of earthworks, particularly the flattened main bailey and a...)
22:45 . . ART (talk | contribs) posted a new comment on Tsukikuma Castle(Tsukikuma Castle is a much storied site and each passing chapter of history has left its mark. The ruin consists of different types of ishigaki (stone-piled ramparts): including pilings of precisely hewn stone, roughly worked stone, and natural stones....)
22:44 . . ART (talk | contribs) posted a new comment on Akizuki Castle(Akiźukijō is an incredibly pleasant site for a stroll, and conjures up in its turn all those quaint infinitudes of aesthetic charm that truly bless this grand archipelago. I can't say whereat this pleasing array was most bold. The castle town in its...)
22:43 . . ART (talk | contribs) posted a new comment on Fukuoka Castle(Fukuoka Castle is a major Edo Period hirayamajiro (hilltop-flatland) castle site in Kyūshū, in fact it was the greatest castle in that region in its day. Ruins include mizubori (water moats), including the Ôhori lake; (lots of) ishigaki (stone-piled...)
22:42 . . ART (talk | contribs) posted a new comment on Kurume Castle(Kurume Castle's ishigaki (stone-clad ramparts) are lots of fun. There are no guide ropes or railings stopping wrong-footed visitors from tumbling over the edge, which I quite liked because peering over the lofty precipices of the ramparts allowed for e...)
22:40 . . ART (talk | contribs) posted a new comment on Saga Castle(Saga Castle is one of Kyūshū's premier castle sites. Sagajō's best feature, in my opinion, is the gigantic moat which surrounds it. About seven eighths of the main moat is retained, having not been filled in. Within this wide moat many waterways bro...)
22:39 . . ART (talk | contribs) posted a new comment on Hayashiohjo Castle(The ruins of Great Hayashi Castle span one mountain in a larger frond-like typographic chain of moutains and castles. To the east of Hayashiohjō is Mizubanjō and to the west is Hayashikojō, Lesser Hayashi Castle. Between are gently sloping valleys w...)
22:38 . . ART (talk | contribs) posted a new comment on Hayashikojo Castle(The are two main routes up the mountain. I came up from the plainside. The other route would be taken by any explorers coming from Hayashiohjō. There's not much to see until one reaches the castle ruins along the route I took but along the other my ma...)
22:28 . . ART (talk | contribs) posted a new comment on Yamabe Castle(Yamabejō is a large yamajiro (mountain castle) ruin with several impressive features. Following jcastle's advice I ascended via Tokūnji, a temple which is also the former site of the fortified manor house of the Yamabe Clan which was in place before...)
22:24 . . ART (talk | contribs) posted a new comment on Katsunumashi Yakata(Katsunuma-yakata joins the very few yakata (fortified manor houses) that people bother visiting; it even has its own wikipedia article, in English no less! Ashikaga-yakata would be another example. Stepping off the train at Katsunuma Town (or, as per t...)
22:23 . . ART (talk | contribs) posted a new comment on Shinpu Castle(The ruins of Shinpu Castle are an ideal site for those castle fans new to yamajiro (mountain castle) exploration because its features are easy to identify. The ruins begin with a wide (formerly water-filled) moat perforated with large retaining embankm...)
12:53 . . ART (talk | contribs) posted a new comment on Shinpu Castle(This is a great site for yamajiro beginners !)
     17:50  (User creation log). . [LuisaMee96146053‎; GraigBrydon4879‎]
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9 December 2019

     12:24  (User creation log). . [TreyBoldt438‎; DerrickSeq‎]
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8 December 2019

     13:53  (User creation log). . [ManieQuiroz4‎; DonteBlais‎]
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7 December 2019

     07:58  (User creation log). . [SabinaAlmond184‎; MorganEJ‎]
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6 December 2019

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5 December 2019

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