20 New Samurai Homes by ART

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20 New Samurai Homes by ART


I've been terribly negligent of this site over the past few months and forgot to update about ART's fantastic contribution of 20 new Samurai homes. 2021 has been a very busy year with personal and professional things, but I plan to get caught up on JCastle updates in the next few weeks and maybe have a Golden Age of JCastle updates in 2022!

  1. Aizu Karou Yashiki (Saigou Residence)
  2. Choshu Nishi-ke Nagaya
  3. Hara Residence
  4. Hosomi Residence
  5. Kaga Honda Residence
  6. Kakiuchi Residence
  7. Katohno Residence
  8. Kido Residence
  9. Matsudaira Oh'oku
  10. Mekata Residence
  11. Nakamura Residence
  12. Sasayama Higuchi Residence
  13. Sasayama Satou Residence
  14. Seisonkaku (Tatsumishin Palace)
  15. Shimizudani Palace
  16. Suzuki Residence
  17. Takahashi Residence (Matsumoto)
  18. Takahashi Residence (Obata)
  19. Tsuda Genba Residence
  20. Youkoukan Villa

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