4 Sano City (Tochigi) Castles

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4 Sano City (Tochigi) Castles


This year's National Mountaintop Castle Summit was held in Sano, Tochigi; an easy day trip from Tokyo. Before the conference on Saturday, I visited a few small castle ruins around Sano. I should have visited Karasawayama Castle on the Sunday too, but was unable to join the event. I'll revisit it sometime this winter.


Asonuma Castle / 阿曽沼城


Only a small part of the trench and embankment behind the Asanuma Hachimangu shrine remain today.
Sano Castle / 佐野城


The Shiroyama Park retains the basic layout of the three central baileys of Sano Castle, but besides that there isn't much else to see. It's a quick stop on your way back from Karasawayama Castle to see where the Sano relocated. The Shiroyama Park Exit opens right up into the Sannomaru bailey of the castle.
Shimizu Castle / 清水城


There's really not much to see here except the outlines of some trenches and an earthen embankment. Most of the grounds are the temple or private property so it's a bit difficult to gif good places for photos. This is an easy stop on the way to Karasawayama Castle and there is a hiking course that actually takes you from the opposite side of the station up to the castle, but it is a slightly longer route than the typical one from Tanuma Station. While there are no remains of note, the short lived Yoshimizu Jin'ya was also established nearby in 1616.
Yoshimizu Jinya / 吉水陣屋


A short walk between Shimizu Castle and Yoshimizu Station. There really isn't anything of note to see here, it is just a park now.
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