Aimiyamamonomi Fort

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Aimiyamamonomi-toride was a fortified look-out which guarded the Ushikubi Pass and acted as a checkpoint there. The Ushikubi Pass links the valley of Kiso with the Ono basin area in Ina. The pass gets its name due to the legend of a young woman from Yamaguchi, a village at the terminus of the valley stemming from the Ono side of the pass, who would ride a bovine everywhere. Unfortunately she faced parental opposition to her marriage proposal and drowned herself in a pond near what would become Ushikubi Pass. Thereafter her favourite steed became unwieldy and was put to death at the pass, its head buried there; ‘Ushikubi’ means ‘Cow’s Head’.

Visit Notes

Aimiyamamonomi-toride is a fortified watch-tower or look-out site but I could find no ruins due to the whole area being too overgrown. And probably no ruins remain anyway. The site is adjacent to the Ushikubi Pass linking Kiso and Ina (via Ono), and Tamagaike, a storied pond, is located about 1km in the opposite direction – unfortunately the trail out to it was too overgrown to follow. The ridge immediately above the pass is flattened, and there is a torii on the opposite side from the fort site.


Castle Profile
English Name Aimiyamamonomi Fort
Japanese Name 逢見山物見砦
Founder ???
Year Founded ???
Castle Type Mountaintop
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Visitor Information
Access Nearest Station is Ono Station on the Chūō Main Line
Visitor Information 24/7; Free; Mountain
Time Required 20 minutes
Location Tatsuno, Nagano Prefecture
Coordinates 36° 1' 37.49" N, 137° 54' 34.02" E
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