Chihaya Castle

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Chihaya Castle was built in 1332 by Kusunoki Masashige, a loyalist to Emperor Go-Daigo. After the fall of nearby Akasaka Castle, Kusunoki built up Chihaya Castle to defend against the Hojo. When they attacked in 1333, he successfully forced them out. The tactics used by Kusunoki to defend the castle, such as creating dummy warriors with straw and extra armor, knocking down trees and pushing boulders onto enemies as they tried to ascend, etc. have made the Siege of Chihaya Castle one of Japan's stand-out military battle tales.

Chihaya Castle remained under the emperor's domain until the Ashikaga overtook it in 1390. The castle was then abandoned.

Visit Notes

There are no structures or walls remaining from the castle. Chihaya Shrine was built on the former castle grounds.

On weekends, there are frequent buses (2 or 3 per hour) from Kawachinagano Station. There are also buses from Tondabayashi Station. Buses take about 20-30 minutes. Get off at Kongosanguchi.

The Castle Stamp is located inside Matsumasa Restaurant. They also have a paper with information about the castle.

Profile and photos by Jcastle contributor Phibbyfan.


Castle Profile
English Name Chihaya Castle
Japanese Name 千早城
Founder Kusunoki Masashige
Year Founded 1332
Castle Type Mountaintop
Castle Condition Ruins only
Designations Top 100 Castles, Top 100 Mountaintop Castles, National Historic Site
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Main Keep Structure None
Features trenches
Visitor Information
Access Bus from Kawachinagano Station or Tondabayashi Station
Visitor Information Always open/free
Time Required 1.5 hours
Location Osaka, Osaka
Coordinates 34° 25' 2.03" N, 135° 39' 4.32" E
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A bit off-topic, but I just noticed 'the Castle Stamp' is located inside the Matsumasa Restaurant. Matsumasa is my wife (and kid's) surname . Very rare (I didn't let her change it when we got married). It's hard to find anything or anyone who isn't related to her named Matsumasa. I'll have to try to check the restaurant out!