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This is a work in progress. Please don't take it seriously !

So far I have the following categories. If you have suggestions for how to structure this, please let me know!! More levels would be appreciated, but honestly medieval Japanese army structure is not my expertise.

  1. Peasant
  2. Ashigaru
  3. Gunshi
  4. Hatamoto
  5. Shogun

Top 50 Users

Points are awarded for:

  2. Page Edits (including new pages)
  3. Rating Castles
  4. Voting for someone else's Wiki Page
  5. Adding an avatar (this is a big point earner!)

People with comments and votes from the previous site automatically got points on import so they're starting off with some high scores, reflecting contributions to date. I may award points for photos donated on the previous site as well, this concept is still under development.