Himeji Castle - West Small Keep Limited Exhibition

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Himeji Castle - West Small Keep Special Exhibit


In February 2024, the special exhibit for Himeji Castle was the Nishi Kotenshu. That's the small tower or smaller keep you see on the immediate front left of the main keep when viewing from the main entrance side of the castle. This was the first time this part of the main keep complex has ever been opened to the public. While not officially part of the tour, the door to the Ni no Watariyagura is also open so you can see the full circuit through these three smaller keeps and connecting yagura back to the main keep again.

One of the most interesting parts of these special exhibitions is actually less about the interiors as it is looking out from them. What can you see? What are the angles of fire? With so much of Himeji Castle complete, this is really the only castle where you can get such first hand views of the strategic importance of the yagura and to see with your own eyes what defenders in these yagura might have defended and why.

  • Ni no Watariyagura
  • Ni no Watariyagura
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