Hosome Residence

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The Hosome were upper ranking samurai who were direct vassals of the Date in Sendai. The house no longer exists but this amazing hedgerow does. It is not open to the public.

  • Hedgerow
  • Hedgerow
  • Hedgerow
  • Hedgerow
  • Hedgerow
  • Hedgerow
  • Hedgerow

  • Hosome Residence Profile
    English Name Hosome Residence
    Japanese Name 細目家住宅
    Residence Type Upper Class
    Features Garden
    Visitor Information not open to the public
    Website http://www.town.kanegasaki.iwate.jp/docs/2017071900038/
    Location Kanegasaki, Iwate Prefecture
    Castle Kanegasaki Castle (Iwate)
    Coordinates 39° 12' 0.90" N, 141° 7' 8.47" E
    Kanegasaki Castle (Iwate) and nearby Samurai Homes
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