Iwama Residence

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This house was reformed from a nagaya style house in 1858. Various samurai lived in this house over the years, but the name Iwama comes from the people who acquired it in 1948. The house was moved to the Maizuru Park and renovated in 1995.

  • Iwama House
  • Iwama House
  • House and garden
  • Inside the Iwama House
  • Inside the Iwama House
  • Interior
  • Bathroom

  • Iwama Residence Profile
    English Name Iwama Residence
    Japanese Name 旧岩間家住宅
    Year 1858
    Residence Type Lower Class
    Designations Registered Tangible Cultural Property, Local Historic Site
    Features House
    Visitor Information Open 9:00-16:30 March - November, 10:00-15:00 December - February; closed Tuesdays
    Website http://www.iwafune.ne.jp/~osyagiri/buke/bukeyasiki.html
    Location Murakami, Niigata Prefecture
    Castle Murakami Castle
    Coordinates 38° 13' 39.61" N, 139° 29' 3.01" E
    Murakami Castle and nearby Samurai Homes
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    Visits October 9, 2011
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    Anonymous user #1

    2 days ago
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    Hi was this Iwama house originally in Nagoya and could you tell me more about the Iwama family …are they related to Kazuo Iwama

    Thank you


    one day 10 hours 51 minutes ago
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    Iwama is a fairly typical last name. I would not attempt to connect the name alone to someone unless you have more information about the person, e.g. being from Murakami in Niigata. The house was not moved from Nagoya.


    56 months ago
    Score 0++
    Thank you for the information about the Iwama family; I didn't know that; I'll correct my notes.