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Content is available under the license Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike unless otherwise noted.

Please read this license carefully before attempting to use content from this site !

Non-commercial means you cannot use this information in any way shape or form to make money off the hard work of me or other contributors. In non-commercial settings you must give appropriate attribution and any work where this content is used must also have the same license.

Do you use advertising on your website? That's COMMERCIAL. Is the intention of your blog to market your business? You are disqualified. COMMERCIAL includes printing pages to distribute on your tours as a tour guide. Maps, photos, and text are all the intellectual property of the author. If you want to commission an original package of materials to use on your tour, to place in your B&B or cafe to highlight nearby castles, etc let's talk ! Authors on this site can be commissioned to write articles for your online journal, travel business, etc.

A significant amount of time, energy and expense has gone into creating the contents on this site. Some of the feature articles include original information in English that is not available elsewhere and may even be rare in Japanese. They took literally years of research. Research is real research, actually going to libraries, museums, exhibits, community centers, buying dozens of books and papers and even talking to people to interpret the information. Such contents are not just a summary of lazy bloggers that have mostly plagiarized other authors.

Be respectful of authors' rights and ask for permission to use their contents or confirm if your use case is covered. I despise bloggers, SNS'ers and any other ilk who blatantly re-use the works of others including photos, illustrations, etc as though they own them. They don't. It might make your blog pretty or help you make your point or one-up other bloggers but it's simply illegal. There are A LOT of places where illustrations or photos "off the web" or a quick scan of a map from a book would help explain a point, but I don't. I try to find my own way and respect other's intellectual property.

The Creative Commons license provides a few rights to use copyrighted material under strict circumstances without seeking citation permissions. Obey the license or don't use the content. Simple.