Karasawayama Castle, Takatsuki Castle (Tokyo)

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Karasawayama Castle, Takatsuki Castle (Tokyo)


This is a short update for two one-off castles I've visited this spring. Karasawayama Castle is an update from my 2007 visit and Takatsuki Castle was a side visit from a day spent at Takiyama Castle helping to clear bamboo and brush.


Karasawayama Castle / 唐沢山城


There are few castles in the Kanto region with this much stonework. Karasawayama Castle is an interesting blend of the late Sengoku Period stonework that was more common in Western Japan with the earthworks and trenches more common to Kanto region castles. At a Yamajiro Summit lecture, I heard it said that the Sano were impressed by the stonework they saw at Hizen Nagoya Castle when working on that for Hideyoshi and borrowed the techniques to build the large stone walls of Karasawayama Castle. Even though large stoneworks weren't necessarily needed at most Kanto castles they make for an impressive sight to impress or intimidate visitors. There are hiking trails approachable from Horigome and Tada Stations too but the route from Tanuma is probably the fastest and easiest. There is also a road to the castle if you want to drive or take a taxi to the top.
Takatsuki Castle (Tokyo) / 高月城


Except for the specific path, this is private property. Please be respectful. This castle should definitely be visited with a trip to Takiyama Castle.
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