Kitamura Castle (Omi)

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Kitamurajō, also called Kimurajō to distinguish it from an earlier, over-lapping site, was the fortified manor hall of the Kimura Clan who were vassals of the Rokkaku Clan. The village had earlier been governed in the Muromachi period by the Kitamura Clan who were vassals of the Nagahara Clan. The Kimura Clan (re-)built Kitamurajō in the Sengoku period after the decline of the Rokkaku Clan. The castle had two layers of mizubori (wet moats), and the residences of the Kimura's retainers were located within the outer moat, with the main residence of the Kimura family being located within the inner moat. The Kimura family inhabits the castle site to this day, and the inner portion of the castle is retained.

Visit Notes

Kitamurajō was only a fortified manor hall, but miraculously the basic structure of the residence's defences remains intact: there is a mizubori (moat) and dorui (earthen ramparts) surrounding the site, and the residence's main gate, a nagayamon (rowhouse gate), is said to be an original structure over four and a half centuries old. This probably owes to the same family, the Kimura Clan, inhabiting the castle continuously since the Sengoku period. The castle of the Kimura Clan is not to be confused with an earlier castle built on the site by the Kitamura Clan, of which nothing now remains. Kitamurajō is private property and can only be seen from without.

  • Mizubori

Castle Profile
English Name Kitamura Castle (Omi)
Japanese Name 近江北村城
Alternate Names 野洲木村城
Founder Kitamura Clan; Kimura Clan
Year Founded Muromachi Period; Sengoku Period
Castle Type Flatland
Castle Condition No main keep but other buildings
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Artifacts Nagayamon, Mizubori, Dorui
Features gates, water moats
Visitor Information
Access Nearest station is Shinohara on the Biwako Line; I cycled.
Visitor Information Access Limited
Time Required 30 minutes
Location Yasu, Shiga Prefecture
Coordinates 35° 5' 52.76" N, 136° 2' 26.23" E
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