Kuwabara Castle

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It's not known exactly when this castle was constucted, but by the time of the later Suwa it was a subordinate castle to Uehara Castle. After Suwa Yorishige fell back to Kuwabara Castle from Uehara Castle, he was still surrounded by the Takeda forces and gave up two days later. Yorishige and his two brothers were taken back to Kofu where they were forced to commit suicide (seppuku) later that month. Kuwabara Castle is even smaller and less defensible that Uehara Castle, so some wonder why he would have fallen back to this point. One theory is that his forces were already too small to hold Uehara Castle so they tried to make a last stand here. It is also said that Suwa Yorishige originally did not believe Takeda would attack him so he did not prepare until it was too late.

Visit Notes

Visit this castle together with Uehara Castle for two good examples of mountaintop castles.

  • honmaru
  • honmaru
  • Ninomaru
  • ninomaru
  • view from the Ninomaru
  • sides of the ninomaru bailey.
  • karabori
  • Higashi Kuruwa
  • path to the castle
  • path to the castle
  • path around the honmaru
  • map

Castle Profile
English Name Kuwabara Castle
Japanese Name 桑原城
Alternate Names Takatoya-jo, Suisho-jo
Founder Kuwabara clan
Year Founded 1400's
Castle Type Mountaintop
Castle Condition Ruins only
Designations Prefectural Historic Site
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Features trenches
Visitor Information
Access Kamisuwa Sta (Chuo Line), 15 min taxi
Visitor Information
Time Required
Location Suwa, Nagano Prefecture
Coordinates 36° 1' 32.95" N, 138° 8' 25.04" E
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