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The early history of the castle is not well known but it may have been built by the first of the Minato branch of the Ando family, Ando Kanosue, around 1436. When Ando Shigesue, the last of the Minato branch of the Ando, died the lands were absorbed by the Hiyama branch of the Ando clan. There was some rebellion among those loyal to the Minato Ando, but it was suppressed when Ando Chikasue, the head of the Hiyama Ando, finally moved from Hiyama Castle to Minato Castle joining the two branches. Rebellion erupted after the passing of Chikasue. This rebellion was put down and Akita (Ando) Sanesue firmly held both lands. He moved the family base from Hiyama to Minato Castle and renovated it in 1599. Sanesue was moved to the Shishido domain (Ibaraki) in 1602 and was replaced by Satake Yoshinobu. Satake started to build a new castle, Kubota Castle, in 1604. Since Minato Castle was a flatland castle, it was quickly developed over so that 400 years later there are no discernible remains.

Visit Notes

There is nothing to see here except a couple of signs, but since it's so close to the station it makes for an easy stop when you visit Akita. It's actually one of the "Three Famous Ando Castles" in Akita including the two mountaintop castles Wakimoto Castle (Next 100 Castles) and Hiyama Castle. Originally I had plans to visit all three but heavy rains lessened the appeal of mountain castles.

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  • Sign for the castle site
  • Part of the castle site is now this park
  • park
  • Memorial to the Minato Ando

Castle Profile
English Name Minato Castle
Japanese Name 湊城
Founder Ando Kanosue
Year Founded 1436
Castle Type Flatland
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Visitor Information
Access Tsuchizaki Sta. (Ou Main Line), 3 min walk
Visitor Information Park, open any time
Time Required 10 mins
Website http://common3.pref.akita.lg.jp/heritage-map/ruins/detail.html?ruins id=2175
Location Akita City, Akita Prefecture
Coordinates 39° 45' 26.21" N, 140° 4' 18.48" E
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