Muneoka Residence

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Muneoka-bukeyashiki is a samurai residence located in the town of Ômori, location of the famous Iwami silver mines. It is in good condition but usually closed to the public, though it seems like it might be sometimes open at special times. From the front of the house we can see there are two entrances. The one on the left is the humble, everyday entrance, and the one on the right is a ceremonial entrance used by high(er)-ranking visiting officials and esteemed guests. The Muneoka-bukeyashiki is located immediately adjacent to the Abe Residence which is now an inn. A small alley runs between them and here we can see the earthen walls of both homes create a very quaint streetscape.


The Shogunate took charge of the Iwami silver mines after the Battle of Sekigahara. The Muneoka patriarchs were hereditary officials based at the Ômori-daikansho, the Shogunate's main administrative base in the area, and were employed throughout the entire Edo Period. The Muneoka-bukeyashiki was constructed in 1840; a floor plan and other illustrative materials survive from this time. The surviving structures are the main house, an annex, and a small storehouse, which were extensively restored in the late Heisei Period.


  • Muneoka Residence Profile
    English Name Muneoka Residence
    Japanese Name 宗岡武家屋敷
    Year 1840
    Residence Type Middle Class
    Designations Local Historic Site
    Features House, Warehouses
    Visitor Information Not open to the public
    Location Oda, Shimane Prefecture
    Castle Ohmori Daikansho
    Coordinates 35° 6' 56.88" N, 132° 26' 46.39" E
    Ohmori Daikansho and nearby Samurai Homes
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