Odano Residence

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The Odano served under the Imamiya and moved with them and the Satake to Kakunodate. The Odano were well known for their martial prowess and also had a training hall on the grounds, which no longer exists. The original house was burned down in a fire in 1900, but the rebuilt house is still representative of samurai home architecture in the latter Edo Period. The residence is also well known for its traditional garden.

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  • House
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  • Inside the house
  • Inside the house
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  • Odano Residence Profile
    English Name Odano Residence
    Japanese Name 小田野家
    Year 1900
    Residence Type Middle Class
    Designations Local Historic Site
    Features Garden, House
    Visitor Information Open 9:00-16:30 mid Apr. to Nov.; free admission
    Website http://kakunodate-kanko.jp/category/2015/03/post-25.html
    Location Semboku, Akita Prefecture
    Castle Kakunodate Castle
    Coordinates 39° 35' 49.24" N, 140° 33' 45.61" E
    Kakunodate Castle and nearby Samurai Homes
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