Reconstructed main keep

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Reconstructed main keep / 復元天守及び模擬天守

This is a subtype of Castle Condition

Many castle main keeps were built in the early years after WWII. They were often a source of pride for the people and their reconstructions were symbolic. These would include places like Nagoya Castle and Osaka Castle. There were also many smaller main keeps that were reconstructed over the years with varying degrees of authenticity. Some were made from concrete but a few were beautifully reconstructed using original materials and techniques such as Ozu Castle and Kakegawa Castle. These days, the Ministry of Education controls any construction on national historic sites so it has become very difficult to rebuild any structure, much less a main keep. Sufficient documentation of the original structure must be available to rebuild it authentically. This has become a big challenge to local municipalities who want to rebuild parts of their castles but it has also lead to some beautiful reconstructions such as the gates at Minowa Castle.

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