Sasao Castle

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Takeda Nobutora built Sasao Castle when he was fighting with the local warlords for control of the Kai region. It is situated in the border area between Kai and Shinano to also help prevent assistance from the Suwa who were allied with the local lords of Kai. During the time of Takeda Shingen, troops were stationed here for the same reason. After the fall of the Takeda, there were a lot of skirmishes between the Hojo and Tokugawa in this area but there are no records of Sasao Castle playing a role.

Visit Notes

A small castle ruin located on the cliff overlooking the river valley below. From the Nagano side it's downhill to get to the castle which is basically a flatland castle but the castle on the cliff is like a mountaintop castle from valley side. It reminds me of Nagurumi Castle in that sense. On the day I went, the first bailey, on the edge of the cliff, was closed off after heavy rains due to fallen trees and the danger of further erosion.

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  • Third Bailey
  • Second bailey embankment
  • Third Bailey
  • Moat between the second and third baileys
  • Embankment of the second bailey
  • Embankment of the second bailey
  • Embankment of the second bailey
  • View from the third bailey
  • Route to the second bailey
  • Steep cliff side of the third bailey
  • Moat between the second and third baileys
  • Moat between the second and third baileys
  • Horikiri moat between the fifth and sixth baileys
  • Map
  • No admittance.

Castle Profile
English Name Sasao Castle
Japanese Name 笹尾城
Alternate Names Sasao Toride
Founder Takeda Nobutora
Year Founded 1531
Castle Type Mountaintop
Castle Condition Ruins only
Designations Local Historic Site
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Features trenches
Visitor Information
Access Kobuchisawa Sta (Chuo Line), 45 min walk
Visitor Information Mountain, open any time
Time Required 30 mins
Location Hokuto, Yamanashi Prefecture
Coordinates 35° 50' 7.98" N, 138° 19' 11.78" E
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Admin Year Visited 2015
Admin Visits September 22, 2015

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