Sasou Castle and Sawayama Castle

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Sasou Castle and Sawayama Castle


This is a small update for 2 castles in Shiga Prefecture.


Sasou Castle / 佐生城


Sasou Castle seems to fly under the radar of many castles fans but it has some great stone walls for a fairly small and accessible castle. The castle is basically a single bailey with some extra fortification around the entrances on the ridge line. It's very easy to visit along with other great castles in the area including Hikone Castle, Kannonji Castle, and Azuchi Castle
Sawayama Castle / 佐和山城


Thanks to Tokugawa's destruction of the castle after the Battle of Sekigahara, there is not much left to see. There are a couple trenches and if you follow the trail down into the Taiko Kuruwa, you can see some nice remaining earthen embankments around the bailey. Around the Honmaru, there are 2 places where there should be a few stones from the original stone walls, but I could only find one. The second was recently uncovered and may have been weeded over again when I visited. The best reason to visit Sawayama Castle is for the great views of Hikone Castle.
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