Shimizu Residence

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The Kaga Domain is famous for being the wealthiest domain in the Edo Period. This is also obvious in their treatment of the lowest ranking soldiers, the ashigaru. In other domains, ashigaru typically lived in long row houses with individual apartments, but the ashigaru of Kanazawa lived in their own individual houses that would be the envy of any Tokyo salaryman.

The Shimizu Residence, like the Takanishi Residence, was moved to this location to create the Ashigaru Museum in 1997. The Shimizu Residence was used until 1992.

  • Entrance
  • Side of the Shimizu Residence
  • The central room (o-zashiki), mainly used for guests
  • Another view of the o-zashiki
  • Bathroom, mainly for guests
  • Nando, a storage room for clothes and furnishings
  • Cha-no-ma dining room

  • Shimizu Residence Profile
    English Name Shimizu Residence
    Japanese Name 清水家住宅
    Year Edo Period
    Residence Type Ashigaru
    Features House
    Visitor Information Open 9:30-17:00, free admission
    Website search/spot.php?sp no=80
    Location Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture
    Castle Kanazawa Castle
    Coordinates 36° 33' 57.24" N, 136° 38' 59.50" E
    Kanazawa Castle and nearby Samurai Homes
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    Visits October 30, 2016
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