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posted 2552 days ago

Hello Eric, I now published the page for Asukejô and uploaded a lot of photos of that castle. I hope i don't overwhelm you with these? I saw that my grade changed to Gunnery sergeant. Strange for medieval Japan. I suggest that daimyô should be more suitable. I think it was the rank between shôgun and hatamoto. In my publications of Torigoejô and Asukejô i saw that the 2 links to the websites aren't separated. So when you click on them you get an error message. The link on your homepage to the original castles is broken(or not finished yet?)

Thank you again for your efforts to make this site very entertaining. Kind regards, Paul

posted 2556 days ago

Hello Eric, I published the data of Torigoe castle. I'll send the photos later. I'll have a busy weekend from now, so i'll publish the data for Futoge castle and Asuke castle also later. I'll see how i will handle the photos. Kind regards, Paul