Takeda Motonobu Yakata

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Takeda-Motonobu-yakata was the fortified manor hall of Takeda Motonobu, and it also served as the kyokan (residential annex) attached to Aoiyamajō (Aoiyama Castle). Despite the name, the yakata was built in 1469 by Takeda Nobutaka. As the power of the Muromachi Shogunate waned, Takeda Motonobu oversaw the clan’s transition, which was completed by his son, Takeda Motomitsu, from a shugo to daimyō status. When he died in 1521, he was succeeded by Motomitsu who built a new residence beneath Nochiseyamajō (Nochiseyama Castle).

Visit Notes

No confirmed ruins remain of this yakata, and the site is now Obama Park. There are some rows of mounded earth which sort of look like embankments, and a path beneath those which an over active imagination could construe as a moat trace, but the layout is circular, and the sloping on the inside of the embankments is too gradual, and so this looks like only landscaping for the park after all. Also considering the early date of the yakata, and that I can find no confirmation of remains here, I would not say there are fortification remains here. There is a single errant mound of earth heaped up on the other side of the road from the park entrance, however, and I couldn't account for that; very random - an old base for an altar?

  • Yakata site as seen from Aoiyamajo

Castle Profile
English Name Takeda Motonobu Yakata
Japanese Name 武田元信館
Founder Takeda Nobutaka
Year Founded 1469
Castle Type Fortified Manor
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Visitor Information
Access Obama Station on the Obama Line; 15 minute walk to Obama Park
Visitor Information 24/7 free; park
Time Required 20 minutes
Location Obama, Fukui Prefecture
Coordinates 35° 29' 32.39" N, 135° 44' 3.62" E
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